To evaluate delight, the fresh new Subjective Pleasure Size (SHS) was applied

To evaluate delight, the fresh new Subjective Pleasure Size (SHS) was applied


Usually the one-dimensional survey consisted of five issues ranked toward an effective 7-part Likert level (range: 1–7; level precision: Cronbach’s alpha = .82).

The newest Fulfillment that have Existence Scale (SWLS) was utilized to measure globally existence pleasure . The five pieces of that one-dimensional survey was basically rated on the good 7-area Likert scale (step one = firmly disagree; 7 = firmly concur; scale accuracy: Cronbach’s leader = .92) .

To measure resilience, the main one-dimensional Italian language Resilience Measure eleven (RS-11) was applied [56,57]. People rated eleven issues to the a great 7-section Likert measure (1 = disagree; seven = agree; measure precision: Cronbach’s alpha = .91).

Subjective knowledgeable otherwise forecast assistance throughout the social network are measured on the you to definitely-dimensional German Questionnaire Societal Assistance (F-SozU K-14) including 14 factors ranked into the an excellent 5-section Likert level (step 1 = incorrect; 5 = true; measure reliability: Cronbach’s leader = .94).

Narcissism is mentioned for the thirteen force-choices style bits of the latest Narcissistic Personality Index thirteen (NPI-13; level reliability: Cronbach’s leader = .82) .

The brand new characteristics of the “Larger Five” was examined with the Huge Four Catalog 10 (BFI-10) . The fresh ten circumstances was rated to the a great 5-part Likert level (step 1 = disagree strongly; 5 = agree highly). Respectively, a few circumstances belonged to a single of one’s four bills extraversion (scale reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .89), agreeableness (Cronbach’s leader = .74), conscientiousness (Cronbach’s leader = .82), neuroticism (Cronbach’s alpha = .86), and you will openness (Cronbach’s alpha = .79).

To measure the newest participants’ thinking-regard, the fresh Italian language types of the newest Unmarried-Goods Self-Respect Level (SISE) was used . People were questioned to help you rate for the good 5-point Likert measure simply how much the fresh statement “We have highest thinking-esteem.” placed on themselves (1 = not very true off me; 5 = best shown out of me personally).

The newest Anxiety Anxiety Worry Scales 21 (DASS-21) was indeed placed on measure despair, stress and anxiety symptoms [62,63]. The entire survey consisted of around three legitimate 7-items scales, that happen to be rated towards 4-point Likert balances (0 = don’t connect with me whatsoever; step three = put on me personally quite or normally; measure accuracy: depression: Cronbach’s leader =, anxiety: Cronbach’s leader = .78, stress: Cronbach’s leader = .87) [64,65].

In addition, users was indeed asked about their social media fool around with. Earliest, Web sites use is actually counted (“How many times would you go online as a whole?”). Next action, the new SNSs explore is actually examined (“How many times can you have fun with social media sites?”). The clear answer both for issues received towards good seven-area Likert scale (0 = never; step one = less than once per month; dos = once or twice thirty days; 3 = regular; 4 = a few times a week; 5 = once a day; 6 = more than once 1 day). Up coming, professionals was in fact expected whether they registered as a member of your SNSs Fb, Fb, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ or other program (0 = no; 1 = yes).

Statistical analyses

The fresh Mathematical Bundle on Public Sciences (SPSS) version 21 was applied for everyone statistical analyses [66,67]. Earliest, the fresh manner of the fresh new examined character traits and you can mental health details was compared between Fb users and Myspace non-pages because of the calculating multivariate research regarding variance (MANOVA). Following Steven’s recommendation to not play with more than ten oriented parameters in a single MANOVA, we presented a couple of MANOVAs. The initial study provided self-value, narcissism while the “Large Five” characteristics. Once the Box’s shot are non-tall, i made use of Pillai’s shadow since a great multivariate take to. The second investigation integrated the mental health parameters existence fulfillment, resilience, social assistance, contentment, depression, stress, and you will stress. Here, Box’s attempt try significant, for this reason, the fresh new Hotelling’s trace statistics were used. Yet not, all four multivariate evaluation presented comparable performance.

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