But not, she come matchmaking Zeke inside Year 3 and cuatro

But not, she come matchmaking Zeke inside Year 3 and cuatro

Harper Finkle are Alex’s best friend. The woman is among three mortals (Zeke, Harper, and you may Theresa) inside the Russos one remember that wizards exists. She previously has an obvious break on Justin (that has been useful comedy for the let you know) that freaked Justin away. She’d rating envious of every lady he dated/got a great smash with the. She actually is portrayed from the Jennifer Stone.

Early lifestyle

Harper grew up in Nemaska backstage about a club to help you Marty and you can Elaine Finkle, a couple maybe not-so-successful amusement artisans. Its unusual behavior designed Harper along with her fashion sense. She was raised inside the a good circus, that’s the reason such things as real miracle and you may supernatural pets don’t seem therefore incredible to help you the girl.

Later she’d meet with the Genius Alex Russo during the preschool and you may, along with her, manage feel nemeses of Gigi Hollingsworth.

Year step one

In the first year, Harper is actually Alex’s closest friend, regardless of if she doesn’t know that she is a genius. Despite this, both apparently discover one another well because Harper generally seems to usually be around new Russo home and you can bistro. It’s revealed you to definitely Harper ports a powerful break into Justin, even after their disinterest in her.

Alex was revealed one, even after lookin never to maintain individuals humiliation, she do care for Harper, when she visits Gigi’s tea-party from the a beneficial resort with an enthusiastic unspeakable identity to prevent the lady from awkward Harper given that Gigi structured. Inadvertently in order to Harper, the girl enchanting adventures with Alex create realize to a manner magazine and an amazingly taken to life mannequin. Each other mennation sign up moments she actually is unacquainted with wonders despite sometimes wondering several of brand new strange something happening.

Seasons dos

During the Smarty-pants, it’s shown one to Harper is an integral part of a quiz Salad people. She’s highly competitive and doesn’t need shedding competitions well, due to the fact seen whenever Alex uses new enchanted pants while making by herself smarter than the woman. Harper helps Alex when Gigi reveals this lady enchanting journal gifts, in the event she does not approve away from her smash to the Dean as she does not instance his reputation, and issues his ages due to their undesired facial hair. She along with warns this lady about ‘Dean’s Corner’ during the running band. She also goes as much as to make use of the girl work because the brand new chicken mascot at ring first off this new poultry moving to find Alex out-of him.

 In the a beneficial PopoCon during the New york city, Alex’s misuse regarding miracle do enchant a beneficial superhero costume outfit and this in the course of time perform slip on Harper’s hands. Just after almost bringing in each of wizardry, Alex tells her that she’s a wizard with miracle energies, even if Harper does not apparently really accept it as true until Alex provides this lady a good cupcake in space.

Throughout the season, Harper requires position since the Alex’s spouse for the offense despite maybe not indeed granting of all of your own miracle she does, however she does seem to try to assist Alex until it gets too-much otherwise he is next to getting in issues (where she constantly operates aside to your cry out-of „View you from inside the P.Elizabeth!“).

Along with her they’re going because of things such as taking a taxi cab back again to lives, summoning brand new modernized version of the brand new Roman god Cupid, arranging a way parade with the aid of a magical servers, reversing good curse you to TJ shed upon his ex boyfriend-girlfriend, and you may employing an excellent fairy to your workplace at the universities Peter Bowl gamble.

 During the ‘Future Harper’, Alex discovers one to Harper might a well-known writer and is actually making money off stories about their adventures along with her. This makes Alex disappointed into the introduce Harper, and this Harper reacts when you are disappointed along with her (even though she appears generally baffled why). While Alex will not give an explanation for state otherwise their rage, Harper is offered consent to enter tales according to the event. Harper temporarily talks together coming care about that is given the lady cap, even if she doesn’t learn who she is.

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